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Who will reinvent 3G for India?

Aggressive plans propped by even more aggressive promotions—3G has really arrived in India. Or has it? Is 3G the panacea that everyone thought it was? It of course provides more bandwidth, but can it make connectivity ubiquitous? Can it take … Continue reading

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Put a ring on it

There is something very attractive and almost edible about apps—especially those on a mobile device. With their nice, rich designs, intuitive interface and interesting features, apps are notching up fans across the world. According to a report compiled by consulting … Continue reading

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Mobile is digital but all digital is not mobile

The title is not just wordplay. It is a classic misinterpretation played out in the advertising world. What type of an agency is best positioned to become master of mobile advertising? I have not heard a convincing answer to this … Continue reading

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One size does not fit all

One web. All machines talking to each other. The users seamlessly accessing information, services, entertainment and utility out of them—without worrying about the medium. This is not Vision 2050. In fact, it’s here, just around the corner. In the digital … Continue reading

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