Ohrling Limited

We are a specialised marketing strategy & go-to-market firm operating in growing markets and having offices in UK, China and India.

What to sell, how to sell it and to whom? Simple questions to ask, but finding the right answers can be trickier. Our unique method gives our clients right answers with real and tangible tools in order to grow their business in the existing markets or in the new ones.

The way we help both our international and local clients is by working in their board and/or as an advisor. We become an integrated part of the team and develop all solutions together with our clients from the very start of the project.

Many companies find it challenging to capitalize the opportunities in the new digitally driven world. A big challenge for many companies today is to change their organisation and operations to fit newly emerged social communication and sales environment. The world has moved away from “me to millions” broadcasting approach in sales & marketing. Customers both in b-2-b and b-2-c markets make their decisions increasingly based on peer recommendations. It’s a new  “millions to millions” environment, where sales and marketing organisations find it difficult to operate in.  We at Ohrling help our clients to combine new digital possibilities with proven, traditional methods. To put it simply we create unique and innovative solutions for our clients which they are able deploy.

Do you want to hear more? Just contact me at antti@ohrling.com.

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