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A winning combination

The service industry is going through a phase of massive transitions. With digitization, there is a huge leap in scalability that is now possible for the dissemination of services. However, so far the needle has typically swung towards extremes—either there … Continue reading

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Information sharing on the internet is changing our social behavior

It is remarkable how something as seemingly trivial as a Facebook post could be seen to trigger off an entire revolution. And yet, if popular word is to be believed, that’s what happened in Egypt. One day, a woman decided … Continue reading

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Where is the browser headed?

Not long ago, there was really only one browser—Internet Explorer. It would garner more than 85 percent of the traffic, with AOL and Netscape barely touching the double digit mark. Today, we are witnessing what have come to be known … Continue reading

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Who owns the web anyway?

The last year of the last decade has been the start of what must be an era of soul-searching for the web. The initial phase of the web was viewed idealistically. The web was seen as something that brought the … Continue reading

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