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Hello there! I am Antti, founder of Ohrling Ltd, a specialised marketing strategy & go-to-market firm operating in Europe and across Asia.

AnttiOhrlingI brought Angry Birds to India and Southeast Asia and recently I helped to restructure Jolla/Sailfish, an independent mobile OS and OEM corporation head-quartered in Hong Kong. I am also the co-founder of The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society, a non-profit organisation that helps businesses to respond to limitations in resources; whether financial, material or institutional, and turn these constraints into innovative ideas and quality, practical, affordable & sustainable solutions. In 2005 I co-founded Blyk, the first and original ad-funded mobile network launched in UK,  was the CEO of Blyk UK and the chairman of Blyk Media India until April 2012, successfully bringing our service to Indian sub-continent.  Prior to that I founded Contra Advertising Group, the first international advertising group grown out of Finland into three continents. During my career I have worked in companies operating in FMCG, Retail & Wholesale, Media, Advertising and Telecommunication industries. 
I am a Fellow at RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Art, Manufactures and Commerce, UK), Honorary Member of Board in MMA APAC and give regular speeches on go-to-market strategies and brand issues for international audiences. I am also inventor of over 20 international patents.

I admire and adhere to entrepreneurial spirit in every occasion. Creativity is needed to fuel corporate strategies and efficiency is always best achieved by engaging the entire staff with the company’s goals. And to have loyal and passionate employees in the company, it needs a very good and compelling reason to exist.

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