Time to move on.

Dear reader,

I have today resigned from Blyk , a company I co-founded late in 2005. My time in Blyk has been very successful and exciting, but now is the right time for me to move on.

Social media and rapidly developing mobile services combined create totally new markets for media, brands, operators, service providers and e-business as a whole. I want to explore this new emerging opportunity further.

The future of internet is mobile, said Google. Many other major companies have banked their hopes on mobile. And they have done so for a good reason. Nearly 3 out of 4 humans on this planet have a mobile phone, and the number is growing. And at the same time the computing powers of mobile phones are exploding. What a smartphone was 4-5 years ago, any feature phone today most likely exceeds it. The new Nokia dual SIM C2 retailing around 2700 rupees ($50) in India connects you to Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Google, internet, has email, music player, radio, camera…well, you get the picture.

At the same time more operators are moving into All-IP network structures reducing complexity and enabling a much faster adoption of new services and solutions.

Our social behaviour fuelled by social network sites has created social media frenzy and media landscape is changing faster than ever. Earned & owned and not just bought media exposures change the way brands communicate with their audience. And now all this will be powered with mobility opening a completely new chapter in media business. Mobile internet statistics from US (already over a year ago) confirmed that majority of the traffic went to social networks. And it has only increased since.

And mobile is much more than just internet on mobile. Deals, coupons and other m-commerce solutions are finally breaking through and my prediction is that they will eventually create the biggest marketplace in the world. After all, mobile is your personal connector to the world and commercial solutions have just been waiting the right moment and maturity.

Mobile as a medium is coming to age, and as said many times by the great mobile expert Tomi Ahonen, it is the 7th mass medium. Although media buying and planning in mobile is a complex task given the vastness of the market and diversity of the players in mobile, brands have realized the importance of establishing solid strategy and execution for mobile media. At its best, it can become the ultimate tool for loyalty creation for brands, services and operators. It is instantaneous and interactive, something extremely important when fighting for loyalty.

Mobile is personal, direct, interactive and always-on channel to 75% of the worlds’ population. That’s an incredible opportunity to communicate and do business with the entire world.

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5 Responses to Time to move on.

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  2. Fabrizio Caruso says:

    Dear Antti,

    I have always admired what you have achieved at Blyk. Working at Out There Media I believe I have shared the challenges, frustrations but also the rewards associated with setting-up something new and revolutionary.

    I wish you all the best and I very much look forward to your next venture.


  3. Hello Antti

    I just got the news that you have resigned from Blyk…well big decision…the big one …well…I know that you have new planes always in your mind …we could sit down one day and have some talks. Call me when you have time.


  4. Timo says:

    “Earned & owned and not just bought media exposures” will change everything – I like that!

  5. Antti

    better next year 2012 here is some advice

    listen the words


    All the bets


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